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Free Beat Making Software To Make Awesome Beats

Free Beat Making Software To Make Awesome Beats

Are you looking for free beat making software ? well Music comes from our heart. It makes us happy. It can accompany us when we feel sad. Every music has a beat or rhythm. A listener feels it but a musician creates it. If someone is passionate about music he can create beat according to choice.


Passion of music, passion of beat making sounds good but to be a beat maker or music producer is not so easy. We know, when there is a will there is a way. Beat making software give the way to create beat. There are a lot of free beat making software which are awesome to hear and easy to use. Here is a list of those software:

Free Beat Making Software

  1. GarageBand

Free Beat Making Software

It is a multipurpose software. It has many variations of instruments. The software includes time-stretching tools, advanced automation controls and full MIDI compatibility with hardware. It is easy to use for them who has no expertisation on music producing via computer. GarageBand is usable in Mac as well as Windows 10.


  1. FL Studio

FL studio

The free version of FL Studio is highly usable. For beat makers it provides Pro-level DAW. After making a note one can export it to WAV or MP3, but cannot reopen any saved project.


  1. Hydrogen


It is usable for Mac, Windows and Linux. If the user has no professional training or knowledge about beat making he can use it easily. The music files can be converted into several formats through this software.


  1. Waveform Free

This software also carries free DAW. It offers the same music flow as Tracktion Software’s flagship Waveform digital audio workstation. There are few users who don’t think the software is up to the mark. But it depends on music producer’s own choice. Before rejecting one should try a few DAW featured software to make a beat.


  1. MAGIX Music Maker

Magix music maker

It is a very useful beat maker for beginners. The features of the software are user friendly. It provides tutorials at the beginning which is profitable for beginners. It can be used in Windows. This software has various inbuilt tools which guide musicians to come up with awesome creations.


  1. SampleTank 4

sample tank

Music lovers collection can be enriched with free Custom Shop of SampleTank 4. It has a grand kit of orchestral instruments including pianos, drums, synthesizers and many more. 50 instruments from 16 categories are there with 70 effects in the virtual mixer.


  1. LABS

Free beat making software

It looks outstanding with an enriched sound library. This software is developed by sound experts designer at Spitfire Audio. To create a melodious beat it provides cello quartet to acoustic piano including a free orchestral sound library.


  1. Cakewalk by BandLab

cakewalk new

It is an old and gold beat making software. It is a traditional digital workstation where one can get all the features needed to record, mix and master the tracks. This is a free software which is used for music production since 1980s.


  1. LMMS

lmms new

LMMS is free software which is created by musicians and for musicians. It is enriched with all the features that is needed to be a good music producer. It is usable in Windows, Linux and IOS. It has a sequencing workflow. Rather following just a traditional sequencing DAW layout, it can be used for banging out beats and jamming it with various virtual instruments.


  1. Ordrumbox


It is an advanced software which helps a beat maker. It can be used in Windows, Mac and Linux. The features of this software is very simple. Music files exporting feature is also very user friendly in Ordrumbox.


Now-a-days highly technological studios are not needed to make a music. Technology provides us many more options. To make our footstep in world of music we just need to know the basics of music and help of a beat making software. Home studio may be a good start to become a music producer. There are many free software usable for it. But before using any software we need to know about the basic features.


  • To create a music, producers have to work through DAW or Digital Audio Workspace. It is needed to record, edit, mix and master the music tracks. There are many free software one can get with DAW, but user should know the difference in facilities before choosing one.


  • Audio Interface is another feature that is noticeable to chose a beat making software. It gives the option to a beat maker to include instruments, vocals with beat and makes it a song.

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  • A beat making software will be more enriched if there are some samples of synthesizer and other audio effects. The software including additional tools will enrich the music tracks. It may be added with creative effects which can be downloaded for free. Mastering the tracks is the last but not the least step. Professional mastering is needed to enhance the beats.


In modern times if one has the talent of music but no money to afford, he can be a successful music producer just by using the right free beat making software.



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