How the Internet of Things Can Improve Recruitment Process

Internet of Things (IoT), a sophisticated word we have heard for a long time. The term was coined by Kevin Ashton, known as the father of IoT, in 1999. Now we have many examples of IoT around us; ATM is one of them and then we have our smartphones, air conditioners etc. IoT is a part of our daily life now.

internet of things

What is IoT?


IoT is a network of physical devices embedded with sensors, softwares, and other technologies for exchanging information with other devices and systems over the internet. And these devices can be remotely controlled.

The best example is your smartphone; with the right devices, you can control your tv, lights with your phone. You can manage these remotely. Another example will be an Air conditioner; if connected through IoT technology, you can control the temperature and switch it on or off.


IoT and recruitment


With IoT, today, we can collect any information about the candidates that they make public. Gone are the days when the internet was used just for chatting and socializing, now the uses have become so immense and vital. Recruiters can collect data from different sources, refine it, and then get the required information.

Recruitment is a long process, especially when the company is planning to hire in bulk. In this case, it isn’t easy to find the right candidates, and screening through the numerous resumes is also not a cakewalk either. IoT can rescue the recruiter in these situations.


The IoT effects in recruitment


Now the companies often approach staffing agencies for recruitment. And now it is the headache of these firms to find the most appropriate candidate. For them to cater to the bulk candidate requirement or even when the number is less, IoT is all geared up to simplify the process; in a way, AI is revolutionizing the staffing industry.


  • AI integrated ATS management.


ATS is the applicant tracking system, helps in tracking down the candidate details. The employment agencies do recruitment in large amounts, so it isn’t easy to come down to the ATS database’s right candidates. You will have to scan through hundreds of resumes to find out the few suitable candidates. And there is every chance of missing out on eligible candidates since the process is manual.

If artificial intelligence is programmed with the ATS, it will help the recruiter find the best candidate with the required qualifications by auto-refining the resumes. It will scan the entire set of resumes and screen only the best suitable candidates based on their qualifications, interest, and social media profiles.


  • Predict candidate behavior


Most of the staffing agencies conduct an initial round of interviews before the user company, to ensure that the candidate is the right choice for the organization. IoT can help in the interview also. The recruiter can wear Google glasses, a kind of spectacle that helps analyze the candidate’s real-time behavioral pattern. It will help the agency to identify and screen the perfect resource for their client.

The selected candidates can also be asked to wear a gadget like a wristband with IoT sensors, which can collect the data of his daily routine like sleep pattern, job timing, etc. It will help the staffing company to match the resources profiles accordingly and also will allow them to train the resources like the companies requirement.


  • IoT and cloud computing infrastructure


With the help of IoT, communication becomes more comfortable. Physical devices can transfer data without the use of human intervention. To notify the candidates about the recruitment details and communicate with them and vice-versa is simple and easy.

Another attractive feature where cloud computing comes to the picture is in the back up of these data and records. It will help in their future hiring processes. They will always have the details of these candidates. It is highly recommended to have IoT facilities for staffing agencies to simplify their work to a great extent.


  • Better Analysis


Iot helps in the better analysis of data. As the devices can transfer real-time data without humans’ help, it makes the entire procedure faster and effortless. Usually, the hiring process takes months or at least a few weeks; with IoT, it is a lot quicker.

IoT helps in the faster screening of the resumes, and the usual human error of missing out on candidates would not happen here. All these can be automated, so it takes very little time. IoT is an ideal technology staffing agencies can adopt.




With the entry of IoT, the internet, which was traditionally used for social networking and transfer of files, got an entirely different face. Digitizing recruitment has made the otherwise lengthy process quicker. IT staff augmentation services and other staffing agencies can take full advantage of IoT. IoT was more focused on health and other technical areas; now, it has revolutionized the staffing industry.


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