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MangaStream Alternatives Sites Top 15

MangaStream Alternatives Sites Top 15

The world has gone digital. But some things are for ever. Even though they change their forms, they remain relevant all the time. Manga, the Japanese comic series is something like that. It is one of the most loved and widely recognized comic series for its representation and characters. MangaStream covers various genres like action, sci-fi, drama, adult and romance. It now entertains people via web platforms. There are many manga scanlation websites online that don’t take any extra charge. Among those platforms, mangastream was one of the best because of its choice of comics, artistic presentation, dialogues and focus on Japanese culture. But, after a decade long service, it has been closed. Though the reason remains unknown. But there is a number of magnastream alternatives available for the manga lovers.


MangaStream Alternatives

The special feature of Mangadex is that it not only provides a good range of mangas but provides different versions for every manga also, like alternative fan-fiction climax, colored version and official crossover mangas.

No payment, no registration, it’s free. It offers all genres of manga with an updated version. The website is designed with a color combination of black, white and orange. When a new manga is released officially, this site gets it the same day. It is very user friendly and offers adaptive zoom for reading mangas.


It has a collection of over 10,000 mangas. The users usually get satisfied with the site as it is exquisite in terms of its navigation system and looks. It does not only contain Japanse manga but Chinese, HonKong, Korean and European comics too. It is well organized with categories and genres classified properly.

MangaOwl (MangaStream Best Alternatives)
MangaOwl is very popular as a mangastream alternative. With an attractive white- orange theme, it serves a huge database that is very well organized for readers to find their choice without difficulty. The website is well managed as it is divided in genres and sections.

Among the mangas which are widely known, talked about and used, MangaPark is one. It offers best quality and updated contents.

It has an extended database. It is used by several manga search engines. It has sections like latest manga section, hot manga section, newest manga section and more than 40 genres featuring top quality manga scans.

Downloading anything is gradually going out of the trends now. Everything is derived online now and that’s why people don’t download anything. They read and access everything online. But MangaFreak is such an online manga scanlation website that will provoke one to download mangas from here. It is not like the manga websites which put so much clutter on a page and it keeps records of what the users earlier read. Though the website needs to improve itself in terms of optimization of advertisements.

It is comparatively new among other manga reading websites. Though it is on service for a short time, the website has built up a strong database of all genres of high quality mangas. One can get mega comics and other comics easily here as it has the feature to find any manga by the first letter or number of the manga’s name. All recent updates will be visible on homepage.

Here, thousands of mangas are available both in original language and english translations. It can be used from devices like smartphone, desktop or tablet. Contents of all genres including action, mystery, thriller, adventure and romance are available and free of cost.

It is literally a town of high quality manga comics database. It offers an wide range. The website has a very presentable and stylish look among other scanlation websites. The design is also unique and the users will be more than satisfied to access MangaTown.

It is a free website with more than 1 lakh manga series. It shows all genres, the graphics is high quality and allows readers to change directions while reading. The mangas provided by the website are exclusive, famous and high quality. It has notifications options and notifies whenever something new and interesting arrives. It is one of the best mangastream alternatives.

Manga Reborn
It has a vast collection of mangas including many that are unknown to most of the people. It gives an opportunity to discuss with other users.

It is not only one of the best alternatives of mangastream but it looks like that website for its colors and presentation. It is one of the websites that update new released mangas fast. Collection is good, content is very good in the site. The website has a “surprise me” section which is interesting. It randomly selects mangas that a user may like. There are comics translated in English as well. But it is not so mobile friendly.

Available for iOS, android and web, it customizes the search preferences of users, based on their likings. It is a cloud-based platform having more than 1 lakh manga to be accessed.

This website is easy to access, simple and free. It has an internal search option providing mangas relevant to the choices of the users. Looks are this web platform’s speciality. It has an elegant look, supports Italian and English language, has easy navigation and provides updated versions.

Viz Media
It has in-app purchases. It is free for android and iOS users but Pc version requires subscription. Viz Media has a wide range of animes and mangas across the world.

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